35lb Grilled Cheese – Epic Meal Time

This week we make a giant grilled cheese, and fill it up with soup and eat it! Come check it out!

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35lb Grilled Cheese – Epic Meal Time


  1. djchris30 says:

    This channel was epic 5 years ago, now I barely watch because, like, who cares?

  2. TheChazz1225 says:

    “We didn’t calculate liquid displacement.”

    Don’t know why, but i find that phrase so perfectly sums up this video.

    Plus it’s fuckn smart.

  3. Curtis Montgomery says:

    Ameer, start your own channel. The only reason EMT is a thing anymore is you.

  4. coolmathias says:

    Another great one boys. But my favourite part was Harley brought back the “next time…”. I freaking missed that bit so much! Well done!!!

  5. nino Donofrio says:

    Is it me or are their videos going down hill? Guys stop deep frying EVERY recipe man.

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