Epic Calorie Cluster(60,000+ Calories) – Epic Meal Time

This week we take lot of appetisers and deep fry them into Epic Calorie Clusters!!

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Epic Calorie Cluster – Epic Meal Time



    Featuring a Arab person and playing arab music a day after 911. Wow.

  2. cshans07 x says:

    It is obvious to all of your viewers that you and your team put great amounts of thought, time, effort, and probably money into your weekly videos. That much, I think is undebatable to most people.

    That being said, have you ever watched back one of your completed videos and actually listened to Amir’s speaking engagements? I don’t want to voice an opinion that nobody wants to hear, but perhaps you would want to take an unbiased second look into this subject.

  3. DoodleKaboodle says:

    7 million subs, 105,000 views on this video = a viewership retainment of 01.5%

    I haven’t been to Epic Meal Time since circa 2010, and man this is so sad! what happened to theses guys? I guess you can only make so many epic meals before people get bored.
    It still hurts to see such low numbers.. I guess i’m just a softy for the old days.

  4. yolodood says:

    you been doin more bnlow than normal? lookin lil run down

  5. Lunaius says:

    Man this channel is so dead

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