Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots – EPIC SUPERBOWL SNACK SHOWDOWN

This week we create a New England meal and put it head-to-head with a Philadelphia meal! All for the Superbowl! Let us know which one you like better!

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Cheese Steak Submarine Vs. Clam Chowder Sandwich


  1. Mohamed Mike Fahmy says:

    The Cheesesteak is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  2. Dylan Cheek says:

    Some how i got unsubscribed and missed months of content from yal. I just caught back up in the last hr n a half. Thank you epic meal time. My fav channel subscribed again!!!

  3. Chocolate Starfish says:


  4. lsvtecb18c1 says:

    Dead Channel.

  5. Brandon DeLuna says:

    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

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