Superfood Summer Salad Recipe with Saucy Sea Bass | Katie Pix

This is a paid AD by The Saucy Fish Co. Look who’s popped in for a little bit of Garden Party frivolity – it’s Haste’s Kitchen, everybody! He has very kindly teamed up with me, today, along with the lovely people at The Saucy Fish Co. and their new frozen range, to create the ultimate Superfood salad for your Summer exploits. We are going to be making a gorgeous medley of broccoli, quinoa, edamame bean, avocado, spinach, pumpkin seeds – all the beautiful things – to pair beautifully with our Saucy Sea Bass and Salsa Verde

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200g brocolli florets
200g edamame
2 avocados
250g cooked quinoa
2 bags baby spinach
3 pomegranates
100g pumpkin seeds, tossed gently in a dry pan until slightly popped

Combine and enjoy! xx


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  1. Arnold Stipsits says:

    about time the two of you hooked up

  2. Step2012 says:

    YES Haste Kitchen 😀 I love him since I first saw him on your channel 😀 watching all his videos he is amazing 😀 How are you Katie? 😀

    • Step2012 says:

      Yes love him, maybe I get the chance to meet him too if I visit london the next time in the future 😀 glad to hear that you are well 😀 awesome if everything works and you have a lot to do because that means it goes well 😉 I’m great 😀 the birthday weekend of my stepdads which I sent you pics of was a lot of fun 😀 other than that there won’t be any travels until next year, hopefully we (the whole family) can make a tuscany trip next year in June and at the moment I’m saving money for a 5 week trip to Japan next september/october 😀

    • Katie Pix says:

      He is brilliant, isn’t he! Such a genuine bloke, too. So kind! 😀 I’m very good thank you, Steph. Crazy busy but loving every second of it! 😀 How are you? How were your travels?

  3. Margaret Weir says:

    hey Katie another great recipe could u please do some gluten free recipes ive been told to lower my gluten intake thanks

  4. Jeff Ward says:

    Helllllooooooouuu!! Fantastic, can’t believe my new phone chucked me off the notification squad. Like the shoulder action & the recipe.👍

  5. A McKee says:

    looks like 3 people don’t like fish

    • A McKee says:

      Oh no, I meant the clearly fooling people that chose the dislike button. I am sure the fish was as wonderful to smell and taste as it looks.  I wish smell-a-vision was a fully realized reality so we could all enjoy

    • Katie Pix says:

      The fish was demolished, but the footage is a mix of start, middle and end – so some hadn’t yet filled their plates! I promise you, there wasn’t a scrap left. 😀

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