The Evolution of Pizza – Epic Meal Time

This week we re-invent the pizza game, my making the ultimate Rigatoni Pizza!

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The Evolution of Pizza – Epic Meal Time


  1. Blueman3 says:

    It’s like a pasta pizza infusion but 10 times better !! 😮🍕🍝😋

  2. Xiellion says:

    I was prepared for muscles glasses to walk on set, should have known it was too good to be

  3. James Lagnese says:

    mushpukah making belief they’re italian.

  4. Jeff Cirelli says:

    So, when I eat pasta, be it spag, penne, rigrigtoni, whathaveyou.,. Im always making little sandwhiches of macaroni, sauce, and bread. Like Ill put a forkfull of pasta covered in sauce on the bread, and eat that bite of bread. Repeat. Secondarily, Im a chef, and yes I have made a grilled macaroni sandwhich. Like a grilled cheese, just with macaroni(penne vodka specifically).

    So Im down with this. Absolutely.

    But I think, for a little tweak on version two, there should be more sauce. Otherwise, this is a win.

  5. halicore says:

    smash that bicep button schoolboy

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